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Pull up a stool… let’s have a chat?

by theyogagypsy

Over the hummmmmmmm of the Bernina.

I am preparing for the Yoga Journal Conference at Grand Geneva, July 7th – 11th.  The Yoga Gypsy, LLC will be selling Gypsy Wraps, of course!


Wrapping Up Deborah Williamson

by theyogagypsy

Today a Gypsy Wrap icon was added to DeborahWilliamson.com.  It’s all part of my global plan, wrapping up the world in colorful batik!

Please visit my Etsy shop and take a look.  I’d love to wrap YOU up.

The Music of Thunder and Rain

by theyogagypsy

Last night at The Soul Source, the music stopped and I didn’t restart it.  Mother Nature stepped in and provided a wonderful orchestra of thunder and heavy rain.  Outside, the spring rain washed away remnants of winter.  Inside, beautiful souls were breathing, bending and sweating.  As I left the studio, I was greeted with a hailstorm!  A heavy reminder that each season, and lifetime, is rarely as we anticipate but precisely the experience we need.

Terri Fischer capturing the moment at The Soul Source

Do one thing a day that scares you…

by theyogagypsy

Who knew that a  Lululemon bag could be such a  source of inspiration?  The words of advice that my eyes are drawn to most often:  “Do one thing a day that scares you.”  Fear is a reoccurring theme in my conversations lately.  As in — why is there so much of it?

During a recent weekend at Midwest Power Yoga, we discussed fear and how it shows up while teaching a class.  We were told that “it’s just a bodily sensation — you can’t put it in a bucket.”  Those bodily sensations usually means we are about to approach our edge, do something new.  I like to think of it as jumping through a portal.

When did we become so fearful?  Our first broken bone?  Becoming parents?  Middle age? Watching the evening news?  The list goes on . . .

I’ve worked, yes worked, on welcoming my edge lately.  Maybe not every day, but at least once a week.

Last week while skiing in Utah, I took a chair lift to the highest peak.  I proceeded to tumble my way down a  double black diamond trail.  I was reminded that while I may ski well, I still fall fast and hard.  I laughed my way down to safer territory and felt exhilarated for the rest of the day. I found my edge and fell right into it.

Yesterday morning in yoga class I was in wheel posture when I felt my teacher lean her leg into mine, felt her arms supporting my back, and I stood up.  HELLO!  “Now what?” I asked.  “Bend backwards” she replied.  With her support, I did.  Sometimes it’s that simple.  Take a risk, small or large.  It might not actually result in getting you someplace  different.  I was still on my mat, but I was also beyond my edge.

In the Middle

by The Cosmic Bistro

It is the first Wednesday of 2011, the middle of the week. I find myself midway between many things lately. This particular Wednesday represents the midpoint between two personally important events. This past weekend a dear friend of mine, Shayne Broadwell, opened her own yoga studio, Core Essence, on the auspicious date of 1/1/11. Free classes were full of supportive people who applauded at the end of the first class. Seeing, and experiencing, Shayne teaching classes in a studio of her own was the perfect way to start this year. Please go see for yourself!

This coming weekend also represents something I am very excited about, a new yoga adventure for me. I will be studying with Deborah Williamson at Midwest Power Yoga in Appleton. Always a student, I look forward to stepping on the mat and soaking up the heat and wisdom. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned.


Life Companions

by theyogagypsy

For ten years I’ve wanted to go to Kripalu.

How fortunate that when I was finally able to make the trip – Seane Corn was holding a weekend workshop.

I studied with Seane nine years ago when she was in Chicago at Moksha, and her passion for yoga solidified my desire to become a yoga teacher.  Being in her presence again, with the the ear of a teacher and a student, was an absolute gift.  The asana flow and prayer she provides is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  The weekend left me completely exhausted, in a fabulous kind of way, and my mind keeps replaying her words.  Namely, being able to make your yoga practice a life long companion.  Revamping how we approach the asana portion of our practice to enable us to continue as we age.

Which reminds me… of the book I purchased at the Kripalu store. If Not Now, When?  Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife by Stephanie Marston.  The pages of this book are full of the transitions I’ve been experiencing; spiritual, emotional, and psychological that speaks directly to my relationships with my children, husband, and the absolutely wonderful network of women in my life.

I can’t end without saying something about the meals at Kripalu.  I still salivate thinking about the pure joy I experienced sitting in the dining hall.  Take a moment and look at the link for the recipes.  The tofu scramble, breakfast soups, marinated tempeh, carrot cake…. I might go back simply for the culinary experience. Namaste.