In the Middle

by The Cosmic Bistro

It is the first Wednesday of 2011, the middle of the week. I find myself midway between many things lately. This particular Wednesday represents the midpoint between two personally important events. This past weekend a dear friend of mine, Shayne Broadwell, opened her own yoga studio, Core Essence, on the auspicious date of 1/1/11. Free classes were full of supportive people who applauded at the end of the first class. Seeing, and experiencing, Shayne teaching classes in a studio of her own was the perfect way to start this year. Please go see for yourself!

This coming weekend also represents something I am very excited about, a new yoga adventure for me. I will be studying with Deborah Williamson at Midwest Power Yoga in Appleton. Always a student, I look forward to stepping on the mat and soaking up the heat and wisdom. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned.