Life Companions

by theyogagypsy

For ten years I’ve wanted to go to Kripalu.

How fortunate that when I was finally able to make the trip – Seane Corn was holding a weekend workshop.

I studied with Seane nine years ago when she was in Chicago at Moksha, and her passion for yoga solidified my desire to become a yoga teacher.  Being in her presence again, with the the ear of a teacher and a student, was an absolute gift.  The asana flow and prayer she provides is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  The weekend left me completely exhausted, in a fabulous kind of way, and my mind keeps replaying her words.  Namely, being able to make your yoga practice a life long companion.  Revamping how we approach the asana portion of our practice to enable us to continue as we age.

Which reminds me… of the book I purchased at the Kripalu store. If Not Now, When?  Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife by Stephanie Marston.  The pages of this book are full of the transitions I’ve been experiencing; spiritual, emotional, and psychological that speaks directly to my relationships with my children, husband, and the absolutely wonderful network of women in my life.

I can’t end without saying something about the meals at Kripalu.  I still salivate thinking about the pure joy I experienced sitting in the dining hall.  Take a moment and look at the link for the recipes.  The tofu scramble, breakfast soups, marinated tempeh, carrot cake…. I might go back simply for the culinary experience. Namaste.